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Travel Essentials for Japan

Entry Requirements for Japan 2023

After April 28, 2023 Japan no longer requires the vaccination or negative certificates for entry. If your country is in visa waiver program with Japan, you can visit Japan with passport. (Applies to North America, Australia, New Zealand, European countries, Singapore and more  list of countries in visa waiver program )

If not, please contact your local travel agency or Japanese embassy about getting tourist visa.

Visit Japan Web is still recommended to fill in

Visit Japan Web that are used for vaccination check is no longer used for quarantine reason, it’s used for custom clearance. It’s still recommended to fill it before your departure for your smooth entry to Japan.  Several testimonials that you can go through the custom faster instead of filing the paper form on the plane.  → Visit Japan Web 

To learn a little more about the airport procedure, please also check my recent video “First 1 hour at the Airport

Have a safe trip to Japan!

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Japan opened up to foreign tourists in the late 2022.  There have been many changes with who is allowed in, what vaccinations you need, and if you need any applications or other documentation.

Today, I’d like to go over all entry requirements for Japan in 2023 so you can prepare for your trip.

You can also watch this contents on YouTube ( except the filling the form part ) if that works better for you.

The Latest Travel Procedures to Enter Japan – 2023

* Disclaimer : This information is the experience at Haneda airport as of January 6, 2023 and the important procedures and requirements may change. Please check the latest information with your airline and government website.

What To Know Before Planning Your Trip


There are 68 countries that have a visa waiver program with Japan. This means that if you are a citizen of one of those nations, you do not need a visa before arrival.

You will be given a tourist visa upon arrival at a Japanese airport. The tourist visa is valid for around 90 days; this can depend on the country. For the requirement for your country, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Vaccinations and Quarantine

If you have received 3 COVID-19 vaccinations, you are allowed to enter Japan with no quarantine or contact tracing required. All 11 World Health Organization vaccines are approved by the Japanese government.

If you do not have the vaccinations, you must have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of departure to Japan.

China and some other countries have some other requirements before visiting.

Before Going to the Airport

To make things easier and smoother for you at arrival, a good idea is to register on the Visit Japan website. It is recommended to prepare this information at least 72 hours ahead of your travel date.

As of today, the Japanese government is using the Visit Japan website. This can be accessed on mobile phones or tablets.  The website generates QR codes that will be used for health checks, immigration and customs to enter Japan.

1 Make Account For Visit Japan

First off, you register for a new account.

You will need to enter your information, including your passport information, as well as that of any family member traveling with you.

Once that is filled out, you can then enter information about your flight.

2 Fill Out Quarantine Procedures (Fast Track)

Simply upload your vaccination certificates to the portal.  You will then need to submit them, and they will be reviewed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

You should receive an approval confirmation email within 24 hours of submission.

When you sign in again, there will be a QR code below the Fast Track section.

If you do not choose to fill out the Visit Japan form, you will have to provide all this information in paper form on arrival.

3 Disembarkation Card for Foreigner

Disembarkation Card  is also known as a landing card. You simply put your name, passport information, city of departure, airline, and where you are staying in Japan.

A QR code will be shown on the bottom of the section.

In case you don’t use Visit Japan, you can also fill out a paper form. They will be provided on the airplane for you to fill out. Before immigration, you will find tables with lots of forms and pens for you to use.

4 Customs Declaration

The last section is Preparation for Customs Declaration

Everyone – including Japanese nationals and residents – must fill out a customs declaration form.

This is part of the Visit Japan website as well.

After filling it out, you will also receive a QR code underneath it.

Like the disembarkation form, you can also fill out a paper customs form while on the airplane or at the destination airport if you do not use the Visit Japan website.

Overall, you should have a blue screen at the top of each section. This means you are all set.

If it is red, you will have to do again or do at the airport in person.

At Departure Airport

At the airport you are leaving for Japan, when you check in for your flight, you will be asked to show your passport and your vaccination papers and/or negative COVID-19 test results.

If you do not have them, you will not be allowed to board the airplane.

If you are not asked at the check-in counter, your name will be called at the gate for any vaccine/COVID-19 test documents.

The Visit Japan program is not asked or required at check-in. It is used only for arrival in Japan. A good idea is to screenshot all your QR codes and the sections related to them. This is if you cannot connect to Wifi or the Internet upon arrival in Japan.

Arrival in Japan

If you have the Visit Japan website open, you should open the QR code pages when getting off the plane. If you have screenshots, you should open them as well.

Right when you get off the jetway, there will be staff with pink vests. They will ask you to get your health check QR codes ready.  They will then ask you to show the one for Quarantine Procedures Fast Track. Simply show the QR code to the staff you talk to.

They will then give you a pink slip.  As you walk to quarantine, there will be gates with staff.  You can hold up the pink slip and walk on through to immigration.

If you do not have the pink slip, there will be an area to present your health documents.  There might be a long line, so filling out Visit Japan before your trip is a great idea. You can skip the long lines.

To stop the spread of avian flu, there are yellow mats before immigration. You should make sure you walk across the mats.

Immigration and Customs

At immigration, the staff  will direct you to the appropriate line.

After clearing immigration, you will enter baggage claim.

In baggage claim, there may be dog sniffers and uniformed staff who will ask to have your carry on inspected. This is for foods and other things not allowed in Japan.

After you receive your luggage, you can activate your customs declaration QR code of Visit Japan.

With this code, you can go to a kiosk (machine) They are clearly labeled, and staff can direct you to them. You have to scan your passport and the QR code at the same time. The screen should turn blue – this means you can proceed to the exit.

There are blue light-marked exits with gates. The uniformed customs staff will direct you. You can walk to the gate, wait for the staff on the other side of the gate to direct you, and you can then walk through.

Now you can exit into the airport and start your trip in Japan.

If you have any trouble with anything, there are staff members around to guide you.

If you do not have the QR code or you encounter trouble with the kiosk machine, there are the traditional customs gates as well where you present your passport and customs declaration form.

Final Thoughts

The Visit Japan website makes entering Japan easier. If you submit all the documents to the website, you will get QR codes that can be shown to staff and scanned at different kiosks.

Checking your visa requirements and preparing all documentation before arriving in Japan is the best way to make sure your trip to Japan runs smoothly.

If you are from a visa-waiver country and are vaccinated, you can grab your passport, upload the documentation and head to Japan.

Thank you for reading.



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