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This is a site to support the YouTube channel for someone who likes to see information by reading.

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Major Topics

  • JR PASS Price Hike
  • First Time Tokyo Travel Guide Read  
  • Entry Procedures to Japan (all special requirements have lifted)  Read

Transportations in Tokyo and Japan

Airport Access Guides

Tokyo Trave Guide

Tokyo Area Guide

  • Top 10 Areas in Tokyo for sight seeing Read  
  • ASAKUA Read
  • UENO Read
  • SHINJUKU Read 
  • GINZA 

Getting Around Tokyo

  • How to Get Around Tokyo – IC cards “Suica” and “Pasmo”
  • Tokyo’s Train system and Map 

How to Enjoy Tokyo

  • First Time in Tokyo – What to See Read
  • 4 Hidden Gem Temples in Tokyo
  • Tokyo Station Guide Read 
  • How to get to Tokyo Disney Resort
  • Free Observatories in Tokyo 

Rail guides in Japan

  • Japan Rail Pass guide Read 
  • How to Get on Shinkansen. Tips, Luggage  Read
  • Online Reservation (without passes) for Tokaido Shinkansen with Smart EX Read

Tokyo Travel Topics

  • When to visit Tokyo
  • What and Where to Shop  Read
  • 7 Vegan Restaurants in Tokyo
  • 10 Foods to eat in Tokyo
  • Chain Restaurants in Tokyo Read 
  • Vegan Restaurants in Tokyo
  • What to know before traveling to Tokyo
  • Guide to Japanese Sake Read

Seasonal Topics / News

  • January: Where to go for the New Years in Japan
  • March: When and Where to see Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo
  • December: Illuminations in Tokyo

Day Trip Guide from Tokyo               

Other Destinations in Japan

  • 10 Best Day Trip Destinations from Tokyo Read  

  • Kyoto First Time Guide
  • 21 Things to do in Kyoto
  • Osaka 
  • Nara 
  • Kamakura      
  • Mt.Takao   
Northern Japan

  • Aomori
  • Kawaguchiko & Chureito
  • Nikko
Central Japan

  • Nagano – Zenkoji 
  • Kawazu Cherry Blossom and East Izu

Hotels in Japan

  • Hotel Choices in Tokyo 
  • Ryokan Stay in Kyoto
  • The biggest hotel in Japan – Shinagawa Prince Hotel