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Asakusa Neighborhood Guide

Asakusa is one of the most popular destination for tourists coming to Tokyo, and there are lots of reasons for that.  The symbol Asakusa is Sensoji Temple, a temple located in the middle of Asakusa and the fun part of Asakusa is, the lots of commercial street stretched from the temple to different directions.

In this article, I’d like to show you what you can do in Asakusa and enjoy it fully. 🙂


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What to see in Asakusa

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple
Sensoji Temple in Asakusa Sensoji is a well-known Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Tokyo where local people go to worship and...

Shopping Streets

Asakusa is a good shopping spots to buy Japanese products.

Tokyo Sky Tree from Asakusa Street


Eating Streets

If you like to eat Japanese foods as you feel the vibe of the city, Asakusa is a good spots. In the west of the Sensoji Temple, there are some streets with open aired restaurants. You can just walk and find a welcoming feel restaurants for some street foods and drinks.



Tokyo Sky Tree

As you walk through Asakusa, you can see the towering Tokyo Skytree through the gaps in the buildings wherever you are. The 634 meters tower has two observation decks at 350 meters (1148 ft.) high and 450 meters (1476ft.) high.

Tokyo Sky Tree is on the other side of Sumida River, and it’s only one station by Tobu line to “Tokyo Sky Tree” Station. If the weather is nice, you can also walk there by the route called “Tokyo Mizumachi“. The route starts from the pedestrian bridge by the train bridge of Tobu line, and it continue by the canal.

A street by the canal of Tokyo Mizumachi. There are some shops and restaurants under the rail load.


Asakusa is a must visit place if you come to Tokyo


Now let’s get Omikuji (Fortune Telling) at the Sensoji Temple. If you get good luck, bring the paper with you, if not… leave it on the temple.

Fortunately, I got the middle one. Not the best, but not bad.

Thank you for reading until the end.

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Hotels in Asakusa

Asakusa is home for many hostels for tourists and also has many small sized 3-4 star hotels.





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