What is Henn na Hotel ? – Henn na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi

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What is Henn na Hotel ? – Henn na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi

Henn na Hotel is a hotel operated by Japanese major travel agency HIS. The hotel’s building is similar to other high-end business hotel, but more for various travelers including international travelers.

As I had a chance to stay at Henn na Hotel in Asakusa Tawaramachi near Asakusa, I’d like to introduce you to the world of Hen na Hotel today.


The entrance and overall buildings

The Henn na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi has a new building that is modern and clean looking. The hotel has two entrances, one on the major street and the other one on the rear, facing the small street.

This is the entrance facing the large street. Having a convenience store “Family Mart” right under the hotel is a big plus. You can get drinks and snacks, sometimes even underwear anytime you need – even late at night.

See the price comparison of Henn na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi – (Expedia ) (booking.com)


This is the rear entrance. From here, you can directly access to the Family Mart without going out of the hotel building.


What I really thought amazing is they have 5 elevators to go to the hotel lobby. Many business hotels sometimes have only one elevator which makes me a bit nervous, so this was a great surprise.

Two of them are near the front entrance which only go to the lobby floor.Three of them near the rear entrance go up directly to the room.

Clean and cozy design of Henn na Hotel.


The Checkin Experience that you don’t meet anybody.

The amazing part of this hotel is, you can check in with the computer screen and the hologram in front of you talk to you instead of humans. Do you like this feature? Personally,I like it so much.

If you need assistance or have questions, a real human comes out from behind the counter, so no worry. 🙂


The Room of Henn na Hotel Asakusa Tawaramachi

I stayed at the room for two people – called JAPANEX TWIN ROOM. which is 17.8 square meters.  The room was very cozy and spacious for the size of the room. There isn’t that much space for your suitcases to unpack, but this is well done thinking of the size of the room and having two beds.

There is a counter desk by the bed that has everything such as chargers, fridge, electric kettle.

The bathroom was clean unit bath, with toilet and bath tub in the same room. There are some rooms with Japanese style bath which toilet and bath are separated.


Rooftop deck was a nice surprise

Something I was very amused was the roof top balcony that you can overlook Tokyo Sky Tree. You cannot drink or eat there unfortunately, but you can enjoy sitting on the chair at the night.



Convenient access to Asaksua

The hotel was easy to access from Tawaramachi station of Ginza line, or Kuramae station of Oedo line.

You can easily access to Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple and all the streets with lots of souvenir shops and restaurants.

If you want to know all the merit of staying in Asakusa, please check my Asakusa Neighborhood Guide page.


The big surprise was the breakfast


Ok. I was going to conclude the article only with a good information, but there was one thing I hesitate to introduce you to other travelers. THE BREAKFAST IS INDIAN RESTAURANT.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Indian foods and I don’t mind the breakfast is run by an Indian person. But I have to say compared with other hotels that offers more Japanese conventional breakfast, it wasn’t tempting to eat curry in the morning. They have some Japanese foods which looked like pre-made, but the quality wasn’t something I recommend. However, that is just my preference, and having Indian foods for breakfast might be the big joy if that is what you like.

Also, very important thing to note is, not all Henn na Hotel has Indian foods for breakfast. Depending on the location, the breakfast restaurant changes so please check if breakfast is an important issue for you.


I liked Henn na Hotel!

I really liked the hotel! I had to see the staff to ask a question, but the staff was very friendly and professional. I thought they are very trustable, and you don’t have to worry if you are uncomfortable to do everything with computers and machines. The price is something between the business hotels such as Sotetsu Pressa In and premier business hotels such as Mitsui Garden. Unlike those hotels, you don’t get surrounded by Japanese business men in the hotel and feel intimidated.

Similar Price Range Hotel in Asakusa : Richmond Premier Asakusa – If you are or with someone with less mobility, I recommend hotels a little closer to the center of Asakusa. Henn na hotel is also closer to Asakusa, but there are more center located hotels in Asakusa, such as Asakusa Tobu Hotel and Richmond Premier.



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