What and Where to Shop in Tokyo

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What and Where to Shop in Tokyo

The occasion of shopping can vary, you might come visit Tokyo for certain shopping, or it can be a souvenir for your family, or something you realize you need during your trip.

Today I will show you what and where to shop in Tokyo. 

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Touristy Souvenirs

First is a typical souvenir. 

Sometimes, typical travel Souvenirs such as magnet on the fridge, key chains or mug cap with the name of the location is a good old fashioned way to remember the memory of the amazing travel. But sometimes it’s difficult to find the on a middle of the city like Tokyo. 

Then Asakusa is the best place to find those. There are plenty of shops for souvenirs in Nakamise, and other streets.  You can also find some in Harajuku and some sight seeing spots such as Tokyo Sky Tree. Since you don’t see many of these in Tokyo, you might want to purchase it when you find something you like. 



If you are coming to Japan for certain shopping, probably you know more than me about where to go. You can find many shops that you can spend hours to deepen your hobby. 

Akihabara is a center of Japan’s sub-culture such as anime, figure, games…


Shops for when you want one extra layer – Japanese Brands

It happens that you thought you brought enough cloth but suddenly the weather get cooler or you want some more layers. The foreign brands can be expensive more than where you are from, so let’s see Japanese brands. 


Montbell is a must visit store if you are looking for some functional clothe for outdoors and city use, to a serious mountain climbing goods.

Mont-bell Store Locations



MUJi is also a brand you can look around if you don’t have one where you live. You can get some extra socks, towels, or skin cares.

Also this might be famous but Uniqlo is also everyone’s favorite as they have many functional cloth for both summer and winter.


Tokyo has several Department Stores and they are the place to check if you look for quality products. What I recommend is the basement of department stores, and also traditional towels and utensils that is usually located under the top restaurants floor.

There are many department stores, but let me introduce three iconic department stores in Tokyo.


Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Sanchome, JR Shinjuku

One is Isetan Shinjuku, it has been know as a department stores that sells the most in Japan as one store. The store is located in the corner of Shinjuku sanchome crossing, and you can also walk from Shinjuku Station.


Next one is Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, which is located above the Mitsukoshimae station, which means “in front of Mitsukoshi” in Japanese. This is the oldest department store in Japan, opened as Kimono shop in 1683, and transformed to department store in 1904. The symbol is the lion by the entrance, and it was manufactured in the United Kingdom and transported to Japan I 1914.  Mitsukoshi also has a wide selection of foods in the basement.

Nihonbashi Takashimaya

In the walking distance from Tokyo station, there is Nihonbashi Takashimaya.  The store also have high quality foods store such as Kinokuniya in the annex building. 


choosing stationery in Tokyo's stationery shop

Japan has some good stationaries brands called Zebra, Mitsubishi Uni, Pilot, Kokuyo and Pentel. There are tons of stationaries in large variety and also functional and in high quality, so you might enjoy looking around stationaries.


The good store to go get stationery is Sekaido in Shinjuku, Sekaido has lots of choices of stationaries.



Also Loft and Tokyu Hands also has lots of choices. You can find these stores in several locations in Tokyo.

My favorite is notebook that is very easy to write with quality paper, and also pens with lots of different colors, pens you can delete, and pencils that doesn’t brake. It worth trying. 


Drug stoers items

Japanese daily care products are very unique and has lots of products that is different from your country. So it might be fun to look around and speculate what it is. 

The major store in Tokyo is Tomods, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Sugi, and Welcia. 


What to know about Shopping


All stores have to show the price including tax in Japan. Please be aware because sometimes it written small under the before tax price.


Tax Free

In some stores, you can purchase with the price before 8-10% tax. The store has this Japan Tax-free shop, and you are eligible when you purchase more than 5000 Yen a day in each shop.


Know the quarantine rules of your country

Some products are not allowed in your country, so please make sure you check that before your purchase. I don’t want it happen that they take everything you get excited to purchase. 

For example, Plants like Bonsai trees, and Japanese Sake has restricted in many countries.  


You might need another suitcase when you go home

Japan is a good place to do shopping mostly because of its original foods and products. After finishing sight seeing in day time, you can enjoy shopping in the evening. Just please note that many stores are opening aruond 10 to 11 in the morning, and closing around 8 at night.

For all over article on the Tokyo travel, please also check the Complete Tokyo guide that you can see the all basic travel information in one page.


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