Exploring the New TeamLab Borderless: What to know before you go

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New teamLab Borderless

In the heart of Tokyo’s latest development, Azabudai Hills, the much-anticipated teamLab Borderless has opened its doors. This digital art museum is set to become a premier attraction in Tokyo, and today, we’ll take a closer look to help you decide if it’s worth a visit.

What is TeamLab Borderless?

TeamLab is a group known for producing digital content and art exhibitions. The unique aspect of their exhibitions is the immersive experience they offer to visitors.

TeamLab Borderless, previously located in Odaiba, was visited by 2.3 million people annually. After closing in 2022, it has now reopened in a more convenient location near Tokyo Tower.

Getting There & Tickets

The newly established teamLab Borderless is conveniently located in the basement floor of Azabudai Hills, directly connected to the Kamiyacho station of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.

Tickets, starting from 3800 Yen, depending on the date. Tickets can be purchased on the official TeamLab website or through travel agencies like Klook.

The site opens at 10am. I arrived around 9am to check where the entrance to the venue is, but somehow staff guided me to the line and I was prepared for a long line, but to my surprise, I became the very first visitor. The line quickly grew, with a significant portion of visitors from abroad. Now the gate opened. You can arrive a little earlier than the time of entry you booked.

So many medias gathered for the opening of Tokyo’s new attraction in the city center.


Entering the World of TeamLab

Upon entering teamLab Borderless, you’ll be prompted to install the TeamLab app. The app provides information about the art pieces near you. So you might want to make sure that you have it before you go.

What Experience would be like

Visitors will walk through and explore the rooms with about 50 different digital exhibitions without any map. Many of the exhibition, new digital drawing are created by computer at the time you are there, so it is said you cannot see the same picture in the same location anymore in your life.

Something notable was the nice smell of soap or flowers across the venue. It definitely increase the experience of the digital art museum.

For a little more visual preview of inside (but without too much spoiler), You can watch this article on YouTube too.



Sketch Ocean: A Creative Playground

One standout exhibit is Sketch Ocean, where you can draw your own fish and watch it soar into the air. This interactive feature appeals to both children and adults. It’s free to have your creation take flight, and if you’re particularly proud of your artistic fish, you can even order a T-shirt with your design.

Tea House EN: A Tranquil Rest Spot

If you get tired of walking, there is a tea house inside the museum called EN. Here, you can enjoy a cup of tea and ice cream in a digital art experience where flowers and butterflies enlighten your treats. It provides a serene break within the immersive world of TeamLab Borderless.

Light Sculpture

Please make sure not to miss the room called “Light Sculpture”. Somehow only this room is on the left from the entrance, so easy to miss. I saw on Internet review that they couldn’t find this room. This is one of the best one in my opinion.

Light Sculpture at TeamLab Borderless, Tokyo

Light Sculpture at TeamLab Borderless, Tokyo


Tips for Your Visit

  • Navigation: The venue doen’t have any map. Without a map, ensure you explore every room, as the venue has hidden gems that might go unnoticed on the first pass. Enjoy the feeling of discovery and “what’s next?” through your journey.
  • Filming allowed? : Yes. Filming and photography are allowed, so it is one of the way to enjoy in the venue. TeamLab encourage to avoid showing other visitors’ faces in case you upload to SNS. Just in case, I got approval from TeamLab as I was planning to upload content on YouTube.
  • Footwear: Wear comfortable and walkable shoes. The venue involves a significant amount of walking, and comfortable footwear will enhance your experience.
  • Booking Time: Consider booking an earlier time, preferably the first slot if available. This allows you to explore TeamLab Borderless with fewer crowds, enhancing your overall visit.
  • Restroom: Restroom is available inside the digital art museum. There is one right after you enter, and one near the tea room. So you don’t have to worry of going before you enter the venue.
  • Facility Features: Lockers are available near the entrance for luggage storage, and restrooms are conveniently placed throughout. The venue is dimly lit, so wearing comfortable shoes is recommended.


Should you Visit TeamLab Borderless?

TeamLab Borderless at Azabudai Hills offers a captivating digital art experience that extends beyond our imagination. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or an art lover, this immersive journey is worth exploring once.

After your visit, take advantage of the shopping and dining options within Azabudai Hills or enjoy the free observation deck with a stunning view of Tokyo Tower.

I hope you enjoyed my preview of the new TeamLab Borderless Tokyo. Have a great trip to Tokyo!

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