Tokyo City View in Roppongi

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Tokyo City View in Roppongi

Tokyo City View is an observation deck located in the Roppongi Hills complex in Roppongi, Tokyo. It offers panoramic views of the city’s skyline from 250 meters above ground. As it’s located in the city center of Tokyo, the view is including iconic landmarks like Tokyo Tower, and wide view of Tokyo City Center, Tokyo Bay, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. The observation deck provides visitors with stunning views during the day and an impressive cityscape illuminated at night.

Additionally, Tokyo City View also features an indoor art museum called the Mori Art Museum, which showcases contemporary art exhibitions from both Japanese and international artists.

Do not forget to visit the Spectacular “Sky Deck”

Tokyo City View is the name for the indoor observation deck located on the 52nd floor. If you puchase the tickets for this observation deck, it’s including the basic exhibition of Mori Art Museum located on the top floor of the building.

But Tokyo City View has another obervation deck called Sky Deck, which is located 270 meters above the ground on the roof top of Roppongi Hills. The outdoor observation deck doesn’t have anything to block your view, and you can feel the sky air of Tokyo.

You need to purchase additional 500 yen tickets to go up to the Sky Deck, but Sky Deck is worth visiting if weather is good. If you are just visiting Sky Deck (like I did) , you can also get the ticket for Sky Deck which is the same price for the indoor observation deck. In this case, you don’t need to pay 500 yen for Sky Deck, but no access to indoor observation deck and the museum.

A view from Sky Deck at Tokyo City View

View of Tokyo City Center from Sky Deck.

What Your Experience will be Like at Tokyo City View

As soon as you arrive the 52nd floor, you’ll see breathtaking view of the Tokyo, with Tokyo Tower next to you, and Tokyo Bay looks like a small pond. If you go up to the Sky Deck, you will be even higher point of Tokyo at 270 meters above ground, and even more you will be amazed how high you are as Roppoing Hills is on the hill already. You see almost 360 degree view of Tokyo. I’m sure you find it fun to find major landmarks like Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku and even Haneda Airport. 🙂


Visiting Tokyo City View

Open Hours : 10:00 ~ 22:00 (Last Admission 21:30)

Weekday on Site Weekend on Site
2000 Yen 2200 Yen

Get at the Machine on the 2nd floor of Roppongi Hills, or Online from Klook  / Official Website of Tokyo City View

Tokyo City View Official Site

Visiting Tips:

No need for the reservation for this facility. If you like to enjoy both sunset and night view, I recommend you to go up at least 1 hour before the sunset time. You can check the sunset time in Tokyo on the weather apps.

How to Get to Tokyo City View

Tokyo City View is located on the top floor of Roppoingi Hills, the complex of shopping mall, hotel and office buildings.

Subway: Take the subway to Roppongi Station (Oedo Line / Hibiya Line). Get on the Hibiya line’s front car towards Ebisu (Rear car if toward Ginza).

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