Shinagawa Prince Hotel – Japan’s biggest hotel with 3600 Rooms

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Shinagawa Prince Hotel – Japan’s biggest hotel with 3600 Rooms

  • Shinagawa Prince Hotel offers 3600 Rooms – which is the largest in Japan
  • There are 4 buildings of the hotel right in front of Shinagawa Station in Tokyo
  • Avoid East Tower (It has small rooms like an old business hotel)

You can see Shinagawa Prince Hotel contents on Youtube too. What’s is Japan’s Prince Hotel is like

Shinagawa Prince Hotel is the large hotel located in front of the Takanawa Gate of Shinagawa Station. Since it’s a large hotel, I often see the hotel is included in the tour, or you might see in the hotel booking site. I was wondering what kind of hotel the Shinagawa Prince Hotel was, so I will stay there for the first time today. With so many new hotels open, is the Prince Hotel old? Or will it bring out the style of a long-established hotel? Let’s see.

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What Prince Hotel is.  Why it’s called “Prince”?

The name of the Prince Hotel comes from the fact that it was built by acquiring the land of the imperial family after the war. There is a vast land in the center of Tokyo such as Kioicho (Prince Gallery), Shiba (Tokyo Prince Hotel), Takanawa (Takanawa Prince Hotel).

In Shinagawa, in addition to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, there are the “New Takanawa” and “Takanawa Prince Hotel” on the adjacent land. The station name is Shinagawa Station, but the name of the land is Takanawa, so it’s a little confusing for first-time visitors.

Access and locations of Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Shinagawa Station has airport access to Haneda Airport by Keikyu, and you can also take Shinkansen to Kyoto and Osaka. The location is especially superb if you are arriving late to Tokyo, or leaving early next day. Since Shinagawa is a quiet area of Tokyo despite the size of the station, it might not be the best place for those who want to be closer to lively town of Tokyo.

Tips for better stay – Avoid East Tower

Annex Tower of Shinagawa Prince Hotel, TOKYO Japan

Annex Tower of Shinagawa Prince Hotel, TOKYO Japan


Shinagawa Prince Hotel is mainly composed of four buildings. The largest buildings are the “Main Tower” where I stay, as well as “the N Tower“, “Annex Tower”, and “East Tower“. Rooms vary greatly depending on the building, so even if the price is cheap, make sure you know which room you are booking.

For example, the East Tower is a room like a small business hotel, which is not recommended. It seems that 2-star hotels are mixed in 4-star hotels. If you stay in the East Tower, it’s better to stay at premier business hotels that is much newer and cleaner. It’s a little weird to me that they operate them under the same hotel brand because the difference in room and atmosphere is a little too big.

The Main Tower

The view from the room in Main Tower was spectacular.

This time I got the corner room on the 26th floor of the Main Tower. It has 3 beds. It looks like I got a room for 3 people. Many new Japanese hotels have separate baths and toilets, but this is a unit bath that is a little older. All amenities such as toothbrushes are available.

The pot was clean (I’m obsessed with this since I saw a not clean one in Ibis Hotel in another country a decade ago) The room is a design from a long time ago but I like it. The view is fantastic! It was on the 26th floor, but it feels even higher because it is on a hill.

There is a vending machine in front of the elevator, but it is a little more expensive than outside. There seems to be a convenience store (Seven-Eleven) on the first floor of Annex Tower. The elevators are separated to 3 zones depending on the floor, and each of the zones has 4 elevator. So it comes soon.


This time it was a plan with breakfast, so we will have it at the dining HAPUNA on the first floor. It was a very big restaurant and I was surprised.Hapuna also seems to have a Hawaiian theme. Prince Hotels has three hotels in Hawaii.

I don’t know if you want to experience the Hawaiian atmosphere in Japan, but Japanese people like Hawaii. I enjoyed the breakfast. I was able to eat breakfast slowly in a big and fun venue. (I’m a slow eater.)

Final Thoughts

I think I can recommend Shinagawa Prince Hotel. The staff at front desk and restaurants are professional. Just make sure you book the right room as I explained above, and you will have a good time.

The room rate was under $150 for 2 people including breakfast, but it might be a big discount during travel restrictions. If the price goes too high, you might want to try other newer hotels. But again, the location is exceptional in case you leave for airports or other parts of Japan next day.

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Shinagawa Prince Hotel at glance



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