7 Best and “Free” view spots in Tokyo

View of Tokyo sky line from Toyosu Gururi Park Tokyo Travel Tips

 7 Best and Free view spots in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has lots of nice observation deck such as Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower and each of them are very fun and worth the money.

But today I came up with some free spots that you can see the view of Tokyo.

It might not as amazing as those famous observation decks, and I recommend you to go at least one of them if you have a chance, but it’s more easy going and sometimes less people at the free spots.

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1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government building (Tocho)

Station: Tochomae, Shinjuku

The observation deck in on the 58th floor of the government building. They have two observation deck on North tower and South tower, and each has different entrance. It’s not 360 degree view but the pro of this observation deck is the height is very high, and you can see the view of Shinjuku and vast suburbs spread to the west and Mt.Fuji on sunny day.

The con is that it can be very busy with tourist, and before I saw people are waiting for like one hour. Since they limit the number of people who can enter now, it might get much longer wait. If you wait too long here in the underground, it might be better just to make reservation and go to other observation decks like Shibuya Sky.

It has been closed for a long time but it finally reopened the South observation deck in September 2022.

The South observation deck is closed on every 1st and 3rd Tuesday.


  • Toei Oedo line – Tochomae Station
  • Shinjuku Station


2. Toyosu gururi Park

Station: Shijomae

Now let’s see tow parks by the Tokyo Bay. Toyosu Gururi park is the park near the new Toyosu fish market, and it has amazing view of Tokyo skyline from the other side. As long as the weather is nice, you can enjoy anytime, but the sunset to the night view is the spectacular. You can walk from Shijomae station of Yurikamome. You can also reach here by rental bicycle.


  • Yurikamome – Shijo-Mae station.

3. Daiba

Station: Daiba, Odaiba Kaihin Koen

Daiba is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge from gururi park. The view of Tokyo is blocked by the bridge, but you can see the bridge and Tokyo … with the famous statue of liberty. This one is actually made with approval of city of Paris.

You can also walk to the real Daiba, which used to be a battery island in Edo period that protected the city of Edo. It’s a nice area and not many people come this far.

4. Ginza Six

Station: Ginza

There are many department stores or shopping center that you can go to the roof, but I chose these 3 for…… the  clean bathroom. All of these are not that high, so view is limited. but it’s a nice break from the busy city.

Ginza six is the shopping plaza in the south of Ginza. You can enjoy the view of Ginza and surrounding area.

5. Shibuya Parco

Station: Shibuya

Shibuya Parco is a shopping plaza in Shibuya, above the hill of Koen Dori street. You can see the view of Shinjuku and Shibuya.

6. Tokyo midtown Hibiya

Tokyo midtown is a shopping center in front of Hibiya Park, close to Yurakucho station on Yamanote line. From the roof top garden, you can overlook Hibiya park and imperial palace area. It’s especially beautiful on Fall days. It might no be a place you go all the way just to look at the view, but it’s a good place to drop by if you are nearby.


  • Toei/Tokyo Metro – Hibiya Station
  • JR Yurakucho Station

7 Bunkyo civic center

Station: Kasuga (Toei), Korakuen (Tokyo Metro)

Next one is Bunkyo civic center. It’s an observation deck in one of the city hall of 23 district of Tokyo – Bunkyo, and it’s right in front of Kasuga station or Korakuen station so you can reach here by 4 subways.

It’s not super high observation deck, but you can see how the city scape of Tokyo continues in the west, north and east side.

  • currently closed 


So that is my pick of 7 observation decks that you don’t have to pay anything. I hope you find some places you like.

In near future, I also would like to make a video about famous observation decks such as Tokyo Skytree, Shibuya Sky and Tokyo City view.

Thank you.

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