SHIBUYA, Tokyo Neighborhood Guide for Travelers

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SHIBUYA, Tokyo Neighborhood Guide for Travelers

Shibuya Scrumble Squre

Shibuya’s Character

Shibuya is one of the busiest terminal in Tokyo on the west circle of JR Yamanote Line. Three private railways arrives from suburbs of Tokyo (Tokyu Toyoko Line, Tokyu Denen-Toshi Line, and Keio Inogashira Line) and also 3 subways (Ginza line, Hanzomon Line ,and Fukutoshin Line) merges.

But what makes Shibuya characteristic is the town has many different faces that has been always leading Japanese young culture. Once the town was known for high school girls gathers, now the town is more fulfilled with different brand shops and upscaled stores as the IT companies in Japan put headquarters in Shibuya. Major Japanese IT companies such as GMO, DeNa, Ameba put headquarter in Shibuya. The major tall building Shibuya Stream’s  office floors are all occupied by Google Japan .


What to see in Shibuya

Shibuya is more the kind of town that you walk and sit down at coffee shop and see watch people, so you might not understand why you came here. You don’t traditional side of Japan here, but you see the true modern living of Japanese young people.

Scramble crossing

Scramble crossing is the crossing right in front of JR Shibuya Station. This crossing is recorded as one of the most busy intersection in the world, and you might have seen some of the image or vlogs from other travelers who came to Shibuya. This crossing is that much iconic scene that represents Tokyo.

Shibuya Sky

Shibuya Sky is the observatory above the Scramble Square Building right above the Shibuya Station. Shibuya Sky is not that tall and it cost for entry, but it has an open aired deck that can overlook Tokyo city center and Mt.Fuji on sunny days.

Miyashita Park

Miyashita Park is a public elevated park above the shopping center. The park used to be on the ground, but it was moved to the 4th floor and upgraded to a clean relaxing park.

what to eat in Shibuya

Kinniku Shokudo

Kinniku Shokudo is a restaurant in Miyashita Park.

Kinniku Shokudo (Muscle Deli) in Shibuya, Tokyo

Lunch at Kinniku Shokudo (muscle deli). High protein low carb menu are available.

Lunch at Kinniku Shokudo (muscle deli). Chicken breast with honey mustard source. High protein low carb menu are available.


What to buy in Shibuya

Nintendo Tokyo

Nintendo Tokyo is where you can see the character from Nintendo games and shop some goods if you like. The store is located in Parco along the Park street.

Nintendo Tokyo in Shibuya Parco

How to get to Shibuya

From Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station : Take Yamanote Line  (Outer Circle)

From Ginza : Take Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to Shibuya

From Shinjuku : Taka JR Yamanote Line or Saikyo Line (Any trains towards south will stop at Shibuya. )


Where to go from Shibuya

In the north of Shibuya, there are other popular town Harajuku, Omotesando. You can also walk to the large green forests of Meiji Jingu Shrine Yoyogi Park.

For other areas and how to enjoy Tokyo, Please also check Complete Travelers’ Guide to Tokyo, Japan.


Staying in Shibuya Area



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