The Best and Worst Seasons to Travel to Tokyo

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Which Seasons Are The Best And Worst To Travel To Tokyo?

The Seasons of Japan

Japan has four seasons, and the climate of major major cities in Japan, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka, is similar to Washington, DC, in the eastern United States. So, if you come to Tokyo from a region with those climates, you will have similar or the same weather.

On the other hand, there are places where the climate is different. Okinawa in the south and Hokkaido in the north have slightly different climates. Hokkaido is cool in summer and has blizzards in winter. Okinawa you can play on the beach from March to October, and it gets chilly in winter. The Sea of Japan side in winter becomes a heavy snowfall area, and the mountainside will be covered with snow until next spring.

So which season is the best time to go to Tokyo? In this article, I will tell you about the recommended times to travel to Tokyo, and the seasons and times you should avoid.

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Which season is the best to visit Tokyo?

Cherry Blossom Season

Without any doubt, cherry blossom season is one of the best seasons to visit Tokyo. You see both winter finish and spring come over a night. The cherry blossom season changes depending on the year, but usually it is the end of March – around March 23 to April 10. The season is pretty short and the flowers last only a week. In case you missed the cherry blossom, you can head north to Tohoku region or in the mountain so they still have the flower. In case if you come too early, you can try Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo. They have various different cherry blossom trees, and some of them open earlier than usual. This season can be still chilly, so make sure you bring a warm jacket.

April and May except  “Golden Week”

Golden Week is a long holiday period when Japanese people go out, at the start of May. Everywhere can be busy during Golden Week, but after that will be a month of early summer days with nice weather. (But in 2022, it was raining almost everyday.) It’s a season you can see Tokyo with lots of fresh greenery.

Fall is Sunny

Probably from late October to November is the best season in the matter of weather. It starts to get chilly, but the weather tends to be sunny. There aren’t any special events, but it’s a perfect season to stroll in the city, do some people watching, and see the beauty of tradition and nature.

Mid winter for low cost travel

During early December to February except the Christmas and the New Year season, the air fare and hotel prices tend to get cheaper in Tokyo. If you are traveling outside Tokyo, it’s even better.  It’s also a season that the Sea of Japan side and northern Japan gets heavy snow. It’s the best season to enjoy hot-springs in snowy forest, and also for skiing and snowboarding.


Which season is the worst (probably) to visit?

Weather can be severe in summer

During summer that has rainy season and typhoon season, the weather can be like the lottery. In June to the early July, Japan usually has a rainy season, and rain continues everyday. But even worse is the typhoon season. If you run into a typhoon, you still can travel in Tokyo, but it makes it difficult to travel to the mountains and the countryside. Public transportations stops, and even your flight might be delayed.

Another thing you have to note is summer can be extremely hot in most parts of Japan, including Tokyo. In case you travel during mid summer, make sure you are hydrated and take a rest in cooler coffeeshop or stores. It’s also important to wear a cap or carry an umbrellas. You can get small umbrellas for both sun and rain at convenience store for around $10. The design is made for both men and women. You still might not see many men putting up an umbrella, but don’t care what other Japanese people think. Put importance on your life. You can also wear a cap of course.

As a person who lives in Japan, I love summer. The weather is intense in day time, but you can have a nice stroll in the evening. There are more events like local festivals and fireworks, which is an important part of Japanese society.

Avoid big holidays in Japan

The worst season to travel is not just because of the weather. It’s more about this Japanese holidays. These holidays have big implications (and maybe trouble) for international travelers. The hotel is expensive, the train is full booked, the tourist destination is super busy…  so if you want to avoid those troubles, make sure you avoid the big holidays here. Here is the list of days you should avoid to travel to Japan.

  • After Christmas to New Years (December 29 – January 5)
  • Golden Week (April 29 to May 5)
  • Obon (Summer holiday – the week of August 13)
  • Silver Week (Sept.17 – Sept. 25)

* These dates may extend if connected with a weekend.

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