How to watch KABUKI at Kabukiza Theater in Ginza

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Kabukiza Theater in Ginza

The Kabukiza Theatre is primarily dedicated to staging traditional KABUKI performances. Kabuki is a traditional form of Japanese theatre that combines drama, dance, music, and elaborate costumes.

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theater form characterized by the use of onnagata (male actors playing female roles) and tachiyaku (male actors playing male roles), both wearing intricate makeup and costumes. The performances are renowned for their extravagant stagecraft, featuring mechanisms like the hanamichi (flower path) and special effects such as trapdoors and rotating platforms to enhance the drama. Kabuki actors wear striking and vibrant costumes, carefully designed to represent different characters and emotions. The makeup, known as kumadori, uses bold colors and lines to highlight the characters’ personalities and emotions.

Kabuki plays often draw inspiration from historical events, legends, myths, and classic literature, incorporating themes of honor, loyalty, revenge, and love. For visitors, Kabuki offers an opportunity to experience a captivating world of exceptional performances, rich cultural heritage, and immersive storytelling.

Watching Kabuki performance is an exceptional opportunity to fully immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture.

You can also watch this explanation in YouTube.

What Your Experience Will Be Like at Kabukiza Theatre

When you visit Kabukiza theatre, I recommend you to visit the B2 floor first, which has many souvenir shops that you can get Kabuki related goods. If you watch the show, go to the ticket counter on the B2 floor, or get the tickets online in advance. Kabuki is a long and pricy show, but if you like to just take a look at the show and feel the atomosphere, you can also get a single act ticket that let you watch a part of the show from 4th floor.

Prepare to be enchanted by the incredible talents of some of the finest kabuki actors in the country, delivering high-quality shows that will leave a lasting impression on your cultural journey.

Visiting Kabuki-za Theatre


Visiting Tips:

Purchase Online Ticket for Single Act

  • If you are not sure if you like it, you can just purchase 4th floor seat for one show (like a half show).
  • It can be 20min to 120 min depends on the show.
  • The price varies from around 1000 yen to 3000 yen.
  • Get the ticket at the official site clicking Single Act.

The ticket price varies depends on the show and seats. Single act seat starts from 1000 yen.


In case you get at the counter, the ticket counter is in the basement B2 floor. (The long line usually there is for the smoking room next to it). You can go in and ask for the ticket of the day or during your stay in Tokyo. The staff speaks English very fluently (at least better than me).

(Important)  Not all performance are traditional Kabuki style, and some of them are modern acting style. I recommend you to check with the counter staff for the details.

English speaking ticket counter is in B2 floor, directly connected to Higashi Ginza station.

How to Get to

  1. Subway: The Kabukiza theatre is directly connected to Higashi Ginza station from B2 floor. You can use Toei Asakusa line, or Tokyo Metro Hibiya line. You can also walk from Ginza station of Metro Ginza line, Marunouchi line.
  2. JR Train: 12 minutes walk from JR Yurakucho station.

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