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Tokyo Travel Guide

Tokyo Neighborhood Guide

Getting Around Tokyo


Things to do in Tokyo

  • Top 10 Places to for the first time Tokyo
  • Museum Pass and Venues unique to Tokyo
  • The 5 Best Observatories in Tokyo
  • The Best and Free View Spots in Tokyo

Trips from Tokyo

  • Where in Japan to Go
  • 10 ways to travel between Tokyo and Osaka/Kyoto
  • How to Get on Shinkansen
  • JAPAN RAIL PASS and other tickets
  • 1 day trip destinations from Tokyo,
  • One night trip destinations from Tokyo
  • Hakone / Nikko / Kawaguchiko
  • Kamakura / Kawagoe
  • Where to see Mt.Fuji  
  • Day Hiking from Tokyo
  • The basic hot-spring guide
  • What’s in Nagano
  • Trip to Kyoto – Goshuin
  • 10 things to do in Osaka
  • Kyushu
  • Hokkaido
  • Okinawa
  • Seto Inner Bay
  • Itineraries in Japan Trip

Tokyo Travel Topics

Travel Preparation

Hotel Guides Topics

Tokyo Hotel Guide – What to know

Choice of Accommodations in Japan

  • Ryokan Experience in Japan
  • Luxury Japanese brand hotels in Tokyo
  • What is Prince Hotel in Japan?

What’s Japanese Business Hotel like

  • What’s Apa Hotel like?
  • What’s Toyoko Inn like?
  • What’s Super Hotel like?

What’s Premier Business Hotel like

  • What is Mitsui Garden Hotel like?

Shinagawa Hotel Guide

Asakusa Hotel Guide

Shinjuku Hotel Guide

Shibuya Hotel Guide

Minato Hotel Guide

Ginza Hotel Guide

  • Myusse Ginza
  • Nishitetsu Solaria
  • Millenium Mitsui Garden Hotel

How to choose hotels on Tokyo Disney Resort 

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